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About me



Who am I? I'm Robynn.

Growing up, while most of my peers were preparing for lucrative careers in medicine and the legal arts, I was watching The Simpsons and writing my own episodes of Mystery Science Theater and performing them for my friends (read: stuffed animals) . 

When I graduated from college with a pretty useless degree in humanities, I found work as a journalist at a radio station. There, I delivered the morning on-air news and produced short radio features. After making a few rash life decisions that lead me to marriage and motherhood, I began a long career as a contracted copy writer.

Upon realizing that working from home while my kids ran around would eventually drive me to insanity, I once again dove back into journalism and worked as a reporter for, Utah's #1 local news station. I wrote, I produced, I web managed, and I loved it. Then we moved to California and now I once again find myself as a stay-at-home writing contractor. It's the best things ever oh my god yes yes please can I stay home with my kids forever and ever they're not little savages who poop on things and tell me regularly that I look like a (and I quote) "tired dinosaur".

Things I love:

  • Writing funny stuff.
  • Speaking Spanish (Si yo hablo!)
  • Writing creative stuff
  • Video production and editing
  • Sound editing and podcast production
  • Writing scary stuff
  • Day drinking
  • Screenwriting
  • Crying in the shower
  • Being with my children
  • Not being with my children