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About me



Who am I? I'm Robynn.

Growing up, while most of my peers were preparing for lucrative careers in medicine and the legal arts, I was watching The Simpsons and writing my own episodes of Mystery Science Theater and performing them for my friends (read: stuffed animals) . 

When I graduated from college with a pretty useless degree in humanities, I found work as a journalist at a radio station. There, I delivered the morning on-air news and produced short radio features. I took a break from journalism when our first son was born (now there are three!) and worked from home for a few years as a marketing content contractor.

In 2012, I once again dove back into journalism and worked as a reporter for, Utah's #1 local news station. I wrote, I produced, I web managed, and I loved it. At KSL I had the opportunity to deliver rapid turn-around breaking news articles, as well as focusing on long-format tech and lifestyle pieces.

Five years ago we moved to the Bay Area and I’ve worked with burgeoning startups and large corporations, writing marketing copy and web content, and have built a resume around comedic and creative writing. I’m currently enrolled in UCLA’s “Writing for late night comedy” graduate certification workshop, taught by Second City veteran Holly Wortell.

Things I love:

  • Writing funny stuff.

  • Video production and editing

  • Sound editing and podcast production

  • Writing scary stuff

  • Screenwriting

  • Crying in the shower

  • Speaking Spanish (Si yo hablo!)

  • Being with my children

  • Not being with my children