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Over-qualified for mediocrity. Under-qualified for greatness. 


Living with insanity

Robynn Garfield

When you have your first baby you think you know everything. The longer you exist in Parentland, the more you realize you don't know a damned thing. 

Every time a soon-to-be parent asks me for parenting advice (believe me, it happens like, at least 2 times) I tell them my constant mantra: lower your standards. 

The key to surviving life as the keeper and caretaker of small mammals is to lower the hell out of your standards. 

It's the only way, really, to make it through. The craziest parents are the ones who can't stay sitting on the couch while their kids are emptying out boxes (plural) of dry cereal all over the kitchen floor. The ones who make it through condition themselves to turn a blind eye when candy is picked up off the ground at a local carnival and eaten, when two brothers are playing a lively game of fisticuffs, or when the toddler discovers the greatest thing in the world is the dog's water.